Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Spotted Flycatcher

 One of our all time favourites .With the Spotted and the Pied could keep taking pictures all day long

RedBacked Shrike

 Once again two or three all arriving within a small space of time.


Seems to have been a good year for Cuckoo. At one point there were six .Mixture of male and female
causing havoc with the Warblers and Buntings .A lot of hard work in store for them


 Very unusual bird. Better seen in flight at night though

Sedge , Reed and Common Whitethroat

Plenty of them calling and singing along with the Sedge Warblers and the Reed Warblers

Common Sandpiper

 Plenty of Sandpipers this week with 7 at a time on the Scrape
Staying around for an hour at a time giving plenty of time for photographimg

Avocet v Heron . Only one winner

This Heron got the worst of the encounter Always out to protect their young ( or they are just damn aggressive) Probably will think ...